Alexander Groß

After learning how to code, Alexander had the opportunity to create an iOS Prototype for a small startup. While working on the Prototype he learnt web development. Moving forward he interned at Sevenval where Alexander developed an active component.

2015 Alexander participated Apple’s WWDC as Scholarship Winner and Facebook’s FbStart Conference.

For the past year Alexander interned a second time at Sevenval where he had the responsibility to make websites fully responsive. After Sevenval Alexander started at Tradity as product designer.

Alexander interned at SITA, where he designed mobile-first websites & an iOS App. He also worked on the Marketing team. Most recently Alexander started working on our WWDC Scholars App which shows you last years WWDC scholars. Alexander worked on the iOS App.

2016 Alexander participated Facebook’s f8 & Apple’s WWDC both as a Scholarship Winner.

At the moment he is working on the new season of Tradity and attend TFG.