Alex Fedosov

I’m a software developer based in Novosibirsk, Russia. My main focus is on WebGL and vanilla JavaScript / TypeScript, but I’m also familiar with traditional web development (React / Redux, HTML / CSS). I’m very experienced in developing complex graphics-heavy web applications, and I’m passionate about performance, quality and aesthetics. I currently work at 2GIS on WebGL-related projects.


2GIS map rendering engine

Together with a small team of ~3 developers, we built a WebGL map rendering engine from the ground up. It is capable of displaying very dense cartographic data with a high level of detail and remarkable performance. Particular focus of the engine is on rich and high-quality visuals, which include floor plans embedded into the map, building entrances, high-definition 3D models for selected buildings, etc.

The engine is used in production on the main 2GIS website. Developer SDK is currently in the alpha stage of development.

2GIS floor plan rendering engine

The first WebGL project made by 2GIS. Includes the rendering engine and a JavaScript API for embedding it into websites and mobile applications.

WebGL demos

This is something I do for fun and practice when I have a little spare time and a good idea on my mind.

Corona: a live interactive coronavirus map Source code:
Unknown Pleasures: album art recreated as a music visualization Source code:
Fractaloscope: Interactive 60fps Julia set viewer Source code:

Articles (in Russian)

Other stuff I do